As a wholesaler of the Fisheries Department of Nagoya City Central Wholesale Market, we collect and purchase fresh foods such as all fresh fish including live fish, frozen fish and shellfish, processed marine products, processed groceries and so on from all over Japan and the world.
We support the rich eating habits of Nagoya citizens by conducting wholesale through "auction sale, bidding, and bilateral transaction" without degrading its freshness.
We also play a role in providing stable sales channels to producers in cooperation with intermediate wholesalers in the market.


In addition, in order to stably promote this core business, we will collaborate with the MARUHA NICHIRO GROUP's "Worldwide Fisheries Procurement Network"," Production Network including Complete Farm-raising Technolody for Bluefin Tuna", and 
"Domestic Distribution Network".
And we will make full use of the fishery pocessing plant established by our subsidiary DAITOH FOODS CO.,LTD.
We will endeavor to provide fresh food that meets the needs.